Ian Interviews Chris - Brain Cancer check 7 years!

I'm starting to do interviews again. This shows you don't have to cure cancer you have to manage it. We all do everyday anyway. Some just have to do more than others like my new friend for life Chris Devero who has been living large and in charge for nearly a decade thanks to treating himself whol- isticly. Holistic is the way. Although he has had a couple times where he added some western med's too but rarely. Point is he follows his heart and here is his story:

Cancer Coaching. Do you need it?

If you had to go in to your first cage fight with UFC rules which means there are hardly any rules. It's a street fight so would if you had not been a pro fighter in your life time would you want a fighter to coach you before the fight? Of course you would. So here we go... If you are close enough to me in Ontario Canada or Los Angeles California depending what time of year you catch me at... I can come over and we chat about diet, supplements and spiritual modalities. What toxic chemicals to get out of your house and medicine cabinet etc... Get you rolling on living the way you should have been all along. I didn't figure this out Dr. Bernardo did, my mentor. He starred in my film "icur

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